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My Short Stories

My most recent short story is entitled: "The Divinest Sense," and is published in Feisty Deeds: Historical fictions of daring women.


Set in 1911, "The Divinest Sense" is about a teenage girl named Lauren who learns what true freedom is and what it means to be a spiritual being from her twin sister Alina, who is sent to an asylum for challenging the strict religious views of the church. Not only does Alina believe our souls return again and again, but she believes God is found everywhere and within everyone, so she writes about, celebrates, and worships the Divine in every aspect of nature.


Although the story references Emily Dickinson’s life and poetry, my idea for this narrative was more inspired by Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “The Divinity School Address.” In 1838, Emerson gave a lecture at the Divinity School of Harvard College explaining why the religious institutions of that time were outdated, and that individuals have access to God by connecting with nature and by looking inward, and only then will we each come to a deeper level of spirituality. He encouraged a new kind of religious thought—to seek the Divine, not only within the four walls of the church, but within everything in nature and inside each of us.





My short story "The Pull," about a young man finding his spirit only when he leaves the grind and loses himself in nature,  is published in The Bookends Review. My Short Story "Letting Go," about a man who would find love again if only he would let go of his obsession with his dead wife, is published in Way Words Literary Journal: New Beginnings. My Short Story "Maybe Next Time," about a young woman who,  on the day of her father's funeral, Finds Out that her mother's true love was some one else, is published in Pure Slush’s “Lifespan Anthology: Marriage." 


Three others have been awarded an Honorable Mention from

Writer’s Digest competitions, and another,

entitled "Hell Slowly Creeps," (Historical Short Story Prose) was a finalist in Screen Craft's Cinematic Short Story competition.

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